Article 1
The Robert J. Vidal Classical Guitar international Competition, organized by the Town Hall of Barbezieux Saint Hilaire, will be held in Barbezieux (Charente, France) on 27th, 28th & 29th October 2016. The Competition is held every two years.
1.  First prize 10.000 euros.
2.  Second prize 7.000 euros.
3.  Third prize 3.500 euros.
4.  Fourth prize 1.500 euros.
Article 2 :
The Competition is open to solo guitarists of all nationalities. The age limit is set at 32 years (born from 1984).
Articles 3:
The number of candidates will be limited to 24.
Articles 4:
Each candidate shall fill in an application form and provide:
1)  A photocopy of current proof of identity, e.g. a valid passport.
Certified photocopies of diplomas or two handwritten recommendations making specific reference to the Competition from two recognized musicians or teachers.
3)  A curriculum vitae written in English or French.
4)  The full programme, giving precise timed lengths of each of the three tests.
5)  A recent photograph of good resolution.
6)  The completed and signed application form.
The registration fee of €70 payable by postal order, bank cheque or money order made out to « Association CAC de Barbezieux ». (Comité d'Animation Culturelle, Mairie, 16300 Barbezieux - France).

In order to be validated applications must be received no later than September 15th 2016 at the following address:

    Concours International de Guitare Classique « Robert J. Vidal »
Mairie - 26 rue Marcel Jambon 16300 Barbezieux - France
  9) Applications may be refused if a candidate does not meet the required level of expertise, or in the case of an incomplete application form. Successful candidates will receive notification at the latest un month before the Competition (September 27th 2016).
Article 4 :
Competitors are responsible for all accommodation, meal & travel expenses. However candidates are invited to accept free homestays in local families.
The organizers are responsible for transporting competitors from Angoulême train station to Barbezieux and return Barbezieux- Angoulême.
Candidates are requested to confirm the date and time of their arrival by October 10th 2016 at the latest by e-mail to the following address:
Article 6 : Test
2) The preliminary round will be held on Thursday 24th September 2015 at cinéma LE CLUB. Each competitor must perform a programme of a maximum duration of 12 minutes composed of «Prélude et Toccata» d'Arnaud Dumond Ed. Henry Lemoine HL 29191 and a work or works of his/her choice. At the end of this round, the names of a maximum of 12 candidates qualifying for the semi-final will be read out in alphabetical order.
Download Prélude and Toccata from Arnaud Dumond Ed. Henry Lemoine HL 29191

The semi-final will take place on Friday, 28th October, 2016 at Logis de Plaisance, route de Montmoreau, Barbezieux Saint-Hilaire. Each competitor must perform a program of a maximum duration of 15 minutes composed of « Prélude et Toccata» d’Arnaud Dumond Ed. Henry Lemoine HL 29191 and a work or works of his/her choice. The program must not include any transcription. At the end of this round, the names of a maximum of 12 candidates qualifying for the semi-final will be read out in alphabetical order.

The final will be held on Saturday, 29th October, 2016 in the concert hall of the Logis de Plaisance, 16300 Barbezieux, France. Each competitor has a free choice as to what he or she may perform however the total duration of this round must not exceed 30 minutes and pieces played in the semi-final may not be repeated. The program must not include any transcription.
   Download pdf Toccata Errata
Article 7 :
All stages of the Competition are open to the public.
Article 8
Before playing each candidate must produce valid proof of identity.
Article 9
All pieces must be performed without scores.
The jury will take into account not only the quality of the interpretations but also the level and the interest of the programs presented by each competitor.
The candidates must present the scores to the jury (2 copies). The use of photocopies is strictly forbidden. .
Article 10
The order of performance for the eliminatory, the semi-final and the final will be decided in a draw. For rounds, alphabetical order will be respected (starting with the first letter to be drawn out of a hat).
Article 11
The 5 members of the jury will be sole judges in awarding the Prizes.
Article 12
No member of the jury can vote for a competitor whom she/he teaches or has taught. The President of the jury must be informed of any such relationship before the preliminary round.
Article 13
The jury's decision is final.
Article 14
The award of a first prize is not obligatory.

In case of exaequo, the jury sovereignly will decide to award the prizes to the apportionment they wish. Unattributed prizes remain the property of the Competition.
Article 15
Inscription signifies the candidate's acceptance of the regulations as set out above and his or her presence on the day and at the times shown on the convocation. Any unjustified absence shall prohibit entry to further competitions.
Article 16

The winner of the 2016 competition commits to give a concert for free during the next edition in competition 2018, while the jury deliberates. All his expenses including lodging and transportation will be care of by the organization.

Article 17
In the case of dispute, only the French version of the present regulations shall apply.
By participating in the Robert J. Vidal Classical Guitar international Competition the candidate gives up the right to any claim in respect of personal accident or injury or material damage sustained whilst taking part in the competition or travelling to or from the events associated with it.
   Download Contest Regulations
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